Solar Window Film for Home Windows

Solar Window Film for Home Windows

Solar Control Window Film for Home / Residential Windows

It is remarkable how a micro-thin layer of film can do to improve your life.

In our modern world, innovations on home improvements are within our reach. Say yes to our wide range of window solar films that offers world class quality protection.

With solar films for windows, harmful UV rays, glare and heat are effectively reflected away. It helps reduce energy cost and prolongs the life of furnitures. Keep our homes comfortable and protected with LLumar solar film.

Recommended Solar Film for Home Windows

Type of Solar Film for Home Windows - Reflective Window Film

Reflective Solar Film

Reflect films feature reflectance on both  interiors & exteriors for superior reduction in summer cooling costs. Providing high level of glare and heat control. This type of solar film is also meant for privacy.


 Type of Solar Film for Home Windows - Dual Reflective Window Film

Dual-Reflective Solar Film

Are reflective on the exterior less reflective on the interior, which helps provide clear day & night views. Most popular for home / residential installations in warmer.


 Neutral Color solar Film for Home Windows Singapore - Excellent Heat Reduction

Neutral Solar Film

Reduce glare, provide good heat rejection and are specified where a soft neutral appearance in desired.

Type of Solar Film for Home Windows -Ceramic Window Film

Clear Solar Film

Provide a virtually invisible appearance. These films are the top choices for exclusive retail & prime commercial as well as residential/home applications.C

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