Ensure Utmost Privacy with Our Premium Quality Privacy Films

Ensure Utmost Privacy with Our Premium Quality Privacy Films

Are you one of those who are bothered with your neighbors peeping in your house unnecessarily and poking their nose in your personal matters? Or you too, hate it when someone takes a peek in your car when you are sitting with your beloved? If you nod your head in affirmation, then you don’t need to stress yourself anymore as Window-Cool is here to help you with its superior quality privacy films that are not only helpful in assuring great privacy by blocking the view from outside but also helps restricting the scorching sun rays.

Gone are the days, when people used to draw curtains and drapes for privacy. Window tinting is the new technology which not only enhances the beauty of home with style but also offers utmost privacy. Installation of privacy film on the windows prevents fading of furniture, carpets and upholstery of your house or car from the blazing heat of the sun. Our range of window films and tints are designed in a way to filter up to 96% of UVA and UVB rays that can affect skin adversely.

Designer Privacy Films- Privacy with a Touch of Fashion

Privacy films come in various colors, designs and textures such as etched glass, stained glass and frosted glass designs. Etched glass film or Privacy film as sometimes referred as window wallpaper. It is an adhesive free vinyl product that can be easily fixed over the existing windows. As, no adhesive is required therefore installation is quite easier and can be reused. You can quickly remove the privacy film within a minute and fix it to another area in your office or home.

What impress most about window films is that they can be used not only in windows but also useful for glass doors, conference rooms and shower enclosures. Even churches can be benefited by using window films. They are highly effective in reducing the visibility through the glass, no matter whether it is day or night or whether lights are on or off.

Conveniently Avail Superior Quality Window Films Online

Our company, Window-Cool is renowned for offering an extensive range of designer window films that comes in various designs, colors and patterns. Our premium quality films are exclusively designed to provide utmost privacy. Moreover, we exclusively offer warranty on all our window blinds and shades that includes replacement, removal and reinstallation cost of the films. Apart from this, we are the official distributor of LLumar® USA, the world renowned brand since 1950 which pioneered in manufacturing top quality window films for residential as well as commercial purposes.