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Frosted Film
Window Glass Privacy Solution

Frosted film is a window film laminated directly onto a clear glass surface, typically for decorative or privacy purposes. Laminating Frosted film on the window prevents people from seeing into or out of the space and allows significant creativity.

This film is typically used on windows, doors, and other glass surfaces to provide privacy, block out unwanted views, or add a decorative element to the space.

Frosted film is suitable for use in many places, including residences, workplaces, retail establishments, and other public areas. It is frequently used to give interior design a polished, contemporary appearance. The frosted layer can also aid in blocking out UV rays, which can lessen the heat and glare that enters a place and perhaps result in energy cost savings.

One of the biggest benefits of frosted film is it gives you the ability to be creative with your space and give it a custom look such bands or stripes, which you couldn’t do with frosted glass.

  1. Privacy: Frosted film can make glass surfaces appear either partially transparent or entirely opaque, giving places like bathrooms, boardrooms, or private offices some measure of privacy.

  2. Aesthetics: Frosted film can offer a decorative touch to glass windows, doors, or walls in terms of aesthetics. By giving the glass a light texture or pattern, it can improve the room’s overall appeal.


The main reason for using frosted film is for privacy. People are looking for a non-permanent way to increase privacy in both homes and offices. Specifically Toilet Door, Bathroom Window, Corridor Window, Service Yard & Office Glass Partition.


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