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One effective solution for excessive heat, glare, and furniture fading issues at workplaces is the use of affordable, anti-glare tinted solar film designed mainly for offices. Installing LLumar solar film on all window panes not only reduces heat gain and sun glare, thus improving worker satisfaction and productivity levels, but also offers protection for materials and furniture against sunlight-induced damage, saving costs on replacements. Consider LLumar solar film application to enhance your office environment and increase productivity.

LLumar provides numerous types of solar window films exclusively for office spaces with distinctive merits for each. Reflective films can also be picked for higher reflectance or those that are barely seen as they emphasize on clarity when it comes to the invisible aspect .To install these solar films, will enable your company save money on energy bills since they reduce the amount of heat produced through the windows by stopping most heat waves from entering into the buildings hence leads to cooler temperatures thus easy working conditions for employers hence increased productivity at work place

Types of Solar Film for Office Windows

Choose from clear or tinted options to reduce sun glare. Darker solar coatings are often preferred for offices, offering the best window tint choice. Improve your workspace with anti-glare window film for a more practical and comfortable environment


Tinted Films

Glass Tinted Solar Film for Office Window Singapore

LLumar tinted solar film, an anti-heat window film, is recommended for office and commercial buildings to prevent eye strain and workplace fatigue due to direct sunlight on employees near windows. It is considered one of the best anti-glare tinted options for commercial office windows.

Clear Films

Glass Clear Solar Film for Office Window Singapore

These films offer an almost unnoticeable appearance, provide heat reduction, and are the number one choice for exclusive retail and prime commercial building.

Solar/Security Films

Solar Anti Shatter Film for Office Window Singapore

The film is a combination of both solar and security tints; therefore, it reduces heat and glare, and makes the glass stronger, hence preventing breakages and safeguarding the interiors of buildings. Clear safety film is available as well.

Film Type and Data Specifications


Data using the National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC)

Solar Film Shades for Office or Commercial Building
Variety of Tinted Film Shades - VLT

Visible Light Transmittance (VLT%)
The percentage of visible light that passes directly through filmed glass

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Benefits & Features


Heat Blocking Window Solution For Office or Commercial Building
UV & Sun Blocking Solar Film For Office Windows

Heat Blocking / Reduction

Designed to offer the highest, maximum possible level of heat rejection

Lessen Glare

To reduce glare and make the interior space more comfortable

Lower Energy Costs

Reducing your utility expenses, it offers an efficient solution for your business

More Than 99.9% UV Protection

Shielding up to 99.9% of UV Radiation, our solution reduces fading of valuables

Increased Comfort

offers a more comfortable living or working environment all year round

Enhanced Privacy

Keep your place private throughout the day without compromising natural light

Scratch Resistant

The coating is designed to resist scratches, ensuring durability, for easy cleaning

Glass Aesthetic

Transform ordinary glass into a statement piece while enjoying film benefits

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