Car Window Tinting Premium Prices

Car Window Tinting Premium Prices

Car Window Tinting Premium Prices

Premium tint at “premium” prices.

This place appears to be the only authorized Llumar dealer in Singapore. If you’re familiar with Llumar window film, you know there’s a long warranty, and the film does a lot of UV and heat rejection without cracking or turning purple in a couple of years. It helps that the ceramic tint prevents interference with your radio, GPS and other gadgets in your vehicle.

They did a great job with the install, done quickly and professionally in an afternoon. They’re also open on Saturdays, however you have to make an appointment beforehand as they do mostly 90% residential window tint installs and 10% vehicle tint. Catch beemers, Jaguars and the occasional Ferrari parked in their lot when they do.

However they’re rather pricey (cost in the range of high hundreds) compared to other places that do cheaper tint, but I guess you get what you pay for. 3% extra if you choose to pay via credit card. They’re located rather far from the city in the Serangoon North area, in an industrial building filled with auto detailing stores.

Don’t settle for less when you tint your ride. Mere change when you compare it to the cost of the COE.

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