Car Solar Film : Lets You and Your Passenger Enjoy the Ride While Keeping Your Car Cool

Car Solar Film : Lets You and Your Passenger Enjoy the Ride While Keeping Your Car Cool

Car Solar Film : Lets You and Your Passenger Enjoy the Ride While Keeping Your Car Cool

Looking for the perfect solution to protect your car from the sun’s harmful rays? Nobody enjoys the experience of having the scorching heat of the sun beat down on you or feel it permeating through your windows especially during a long drive. Everybody wants their car to be cool and comfortable for the best traveling experience but beating the heat may come as a challenge, especially in hot and sunny countries like Singapore. Luckily, with a bit of “LLumar Enhancement”, this can be achieved.

LLumarCar Solar Film offers a number of benefits to the driver and passengers while providing complete sun defenseto your car.One of the mostattractive and important characteristics of car solarfilmis that itprovides constant protection against harmful sunrays. Itis developed in such a manner that it blocks the sun’s harmful radiations while keeping you, your passengers and your vehicle cool and safe.

Energy Saving
Solar heat drastically increases the inner temperature of your vehicle, especially during prolonged exposure. And when the inside of your car gets too hot, you immediately depend on your air-conditioning system to cool down the temperature for you. As it may be effective, blasting on your airconoften eats up a lot on your fuel consumption. With LLumar Car Solar Films, the temperature in the interior of your car is regulated as heat is effectively reflected away before they can even pass through your glass.

Reduce Heat and Glare
Not only are Car Solar Films designed to effectively reflect the sun radiation away from your car, they also significantly reduce glare. Sun blindness from too much glare can cause accidents and even fatalities when you are on the road. Therefore, Car Solar Films ensure that your driving is smooth and you keep your focus on nothing but the road by keeping the distracting heat and glare at bay.

Protect Car’s Interior
The direct exposure of the car and its interior to the sun’s rays can deteriorate them at a much faster rate. It causes the sensitive fabrics and interiors of your car to lose its original beauty by fading and even worse, can cause unwanted cracking or tearing.

Great Protection Against Skin Problems
The sun’s ultraviolet rays are harmful solar radiations that are responsible for various types of skin problems. They are attributed to causing skin diseases such as sunburn, redness, itching, blisters and even skin cancer. LLumar Car Solar Film inSingapore provides utmost protection by rejecting 99% of the hazardous UV rays, rendering them harmless as they enter your car.

Gives You a Great and Comfortable Driving Experience
Heat and glare together are a powerful deterrent to an enjoyable journey. Don’t allow them to accompany you on your next road trip. Install LLumar Car Solar Films to ensure an easy drive for you and a great and comfortable ride for your beloved passengers.

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