Enhance Your Privacy With Frosted Window Film

Enhance Your Privacy With Frosted Window Film

Importance of a Frosted Window Film

Are you tired of battling with the prying eyes of neighbors and outsiders? Are you seeking for an effective solution to keep your privacy intact?

Be it a home or an office, every occupant often desires for privacy in the room. Doors, windows and partitions made of glass often cause not just a sense of constantly being watched but also disturbance from the movements from the other side of the glass. A great solution in dealing with all of this without ruining the aesthetics of your interior is the use of frosted window films.

Why Frosted Window Film?

Available in a wide array of styles, sizes, colors and designs, frosted window films offer a concrete solution for added privacy by preventing vision and disturbance both during day and night while still allowing a percentage of light to pass through. Frosted window films can be installed over glass windows, doors, partitions and shower screens for added privacy.

Features of Frosted Window Film:

  • Enhanced privacy and security by keeping unwanted eyes away.
  • Still allows a good percentage of sunlight to enter the room.
  • Ideal for installing over any flat glass surface.
  • A lot cheaper that getting curtains or blinds.

Moreover, frosted window film are easy to install even without the assistance of a window treatment professional. The internet is full of an extensive number of DIY videos to assist you in the installation of these frosted window films if you want to do it yourself.

7 Steps To Install Frosted Window Films Like A Pro:

  1. Clean the surface thoroughly with a soft cloth. Use cleaning solution, if necessary.
  2. Cut an extra 2 cm from height and width of the film as per the size of the surface.
  3. Gently hold the back of the frosted window film and remove the clear lining film. Spray some water solution to the back of the frosted window film as well as your fingers. Attach a small piece of tape to either side of the frosted window film at one corner to peel them apart a little.
  4. Thoroughly spray the surface of the glass with the same slip solution.
  5. Keep the adhesive side of the film over the glass and gently slide to position properly.
  6. Spray again the face of the frosted window film with the slip solution and push out the soapy water from behind the film through the help of a squeegee.
  7. Carefully cut-off any excess film from the sides using the knife.

If you feel the need to have an actual professional do the job for you, avail frosted film in Singapore by logging in to www.windowcool.com or call @ 6-2888-323 to avail premium-quality frosted window film installation and other sorts of window films from LLumar at very cost-effective prices.