Get Premium Window Treatments at an Affordable Price

Get Premium Window Treatments at an Affordable Price

Are you tired of your simple looking plain white glass windows? And, looking for something attractive and functional to obstruct the entrance of harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays? If your answer is a yes, then our company Window-Cool is here with top-rated window tints that will not only eliminate intense sun’s glare but also enhance the decor of your home or working place, gracefully. We offer wide-range of window films in various textures and designs for residential, commercial and automotive purposes. Moreover, we have also set a benchmark in the industry by offering highly advanced LLumar technology-based window films and its installation services in Singapore.

Advantages of Installing Window Tints:

Shield Against Harmful UV Rays: One of the key benefits of installing window films is protection against harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays. These films obstruct the entrance of ultra-violet (UV) rays up to 99% that reduce the chances of various skin problems such as sunburns, premature signs of aging, rashes, dryness and even skin cancer.

Energy Saver: By eliminating intense sun’s glare, window films keep the ambience cool & comfortable thereby they improve the efficiency of air conditioning appliances. In winters, these films retain interior heat, thus decreases the use of heating appliances. Indeed, by opting for window blinds & shades, one can cut down hefty electricity bills.

Add to Building’s Appearance: With over wide range of custom window films, it’s easy to select the one that meets the needs to best. Our offered window films make building’s exterior look more attractive with their fine finish and uniform appearance.

Prevent Fading of Luxe Interiors: Overexposure to the scorching sun rays can cause fading of draperies, curtains, carpets and furniture. But, installation of our window films can block intense sun glare up to 97% & prevent them from losing their sheen and shine.

Privacy Matters: Another major benefit of installing window films is the privacy it offers. Our offered window films obstruct the view from outside, while allow natural light to pass through the glass.