Enjoy Privacy with Our One-Way Mirror Privacy Window Film

Enjoy Privacy with Our One-Way Mirror Privacy Window Film

One Way Mirror Film - Reflective Window Film

Daytime Privacy Reflective Window Film

To Block the View from Outside

Want some privacy in your room but don’t want to compromise on the beauty of your interior decor? And, wish to block the view from outside? If you are preferred not to use blinds, shades or curtains? Then one-way mirror privacy window films can be the perfect solution you are looking for. One-way privacy film can keep prying eyes at bay while maintaining the outside view from inside the room.

It is sometimes known as “one-way mirror film” or “daylight privacy film.” With excellent options in custom privacy films, window films can also be used to decorate window panes while obscuring vision and allowing natural light to pass through the glass. Our company, Window-Cool, offers a wide range of privacy window films in appealing colours, sizes and textures to spruce up the windows.

Reflective Film : Add privacy or create a mood with filtered light. Best window film for heat reduction. Find out more >>

Frosted Film : Hide clutter or refresh the style of a room. Find out more >>

Decorative Film : Shield views, add patterns or play with color. Find out more >>

FAQs: One Way Mirror Window Film >>

Our company, Window-Cool does more than adding privacy to bathroom, bedroom, apartment or wherever it is most desired. It offers a wide range of automotive, architectural, decorative, security for both residential and commercial window film in Singapore  to prevent sun damage, intense heat and glare, add security and is a contemporary solution to window replacement. Our offered window films can be easily applied on any residential windows including single-pane, dual-pane and removable storm panes. Once properly installed, our window films can last up to 10 years or more. We have a team of experienced professionals who excel installing window films and it shows in every installation. In addition, our highly professional and knowledgeable staff helps selecting the right product as per the requirement.


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