IR (Infrared Rejection) Film for Windows

IR (Infrared Rejection) Film for Windows

IR (Infrared Rejection) Film for Windows

Control the Sunshine Beautifully With IR Window Film

An Infrared, or IR Film, can help control the sun’s rays, that cause solar heat, while allowing a certain percentage of light and heat to come through. Window film may look like nothing more than a thin piece of plastic, but in reality, is a very complex product. State-of-the-art research and technology are necessary to deliver safe and certified Infrared Film. | Explanation between IR (Infrared Rejection) & TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejected)

Uses For IR Film

Over the last 50 years, Infrared Film has evolved into an art of sun control, aesthetic appeal and comfortable surroundings. Anywhere that glass is present, can benefit from this solar-controlling product. Because not all glass is equal in material, thickness or placement, different types of solar film has been developed. It can be used on vehicles, in architecture, for decorative designs, and interior protection.

UV rays are responsible for a lot of a car’s interior damage. With optically clear or tinted windows, not only are you protecting your investment, but taking care of your skin. No longer will you have a painful glare while driving into the rising or falling path of the sun. With decorative film, you can turn any area into a kaleidoscope of amazing color while protecting your interior carpets and furniture. Safety infrared film offers a great deterrent against thieves by mixing a special bond of adhesive with the film.

The Difference In IR Film

With over 180 unique types of film for automotive, residential and commercial use, it can be difficult to know which one to use. Starting with a manufacturer that places a warranty on every film sold, will protect you from getting bubbles from a low-grade or streaks from unstable dyes. A reputable dealer is the second most important detail. By selecting a company that is above others in customer satisfaction and representing outstanding manufacturers, you cannot go wrong.

Almost everyone loves the sun, but uncontrolled conditions can make you miserable. Discover your options in infrared film and get spoiled with sunshine that is beautifully controlled.