LLumar Solar Window Films to Effectively Shield Against Perilous Sun Glare

LLumar Solar Window Films to Effectively Shield Against Perilous Sun Glare

Window-Cool is a renowned firm engaged in selling a wide range of LLumar Solar Window Films in Singapore for premium glass treatment. Our range includes automotive window tint, commercial and residential architectural window films, safety / security, anti-graffiti and decorative films. These films are manufactured utilizing state-of-the-art research and technology to ensure high quality standards. Our offered films are widely appreciated for enhancing the functionality and look of the windows. Also, they effectively enhance the energy efficiency of windows. Along with this, we are engaged in rendering installation services of solar window films in Singapore.

Benefits of Installing LLumar Window Films:

Say No To Tormenting Sun Heat: LLumar films installed on windows ensure rooms are protected from the heating effects of sun rays that fall directly on windows. In the absence of window films, the room will get extremely hot and it will become tormenting to sit in and work. Likewise, installation of solar films promises to keep perilous sun heat and glare at bay.

Shield Against UV Rays: One of the major advantages of installing our offered solar films is the efficiency to shield against the harmful UV rays as they proficiently reject up to 99% of sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light. If skin is exposed to UV rays for prolonged time then it can cause several skin distresses including premature signs of aging, rashes, sunburn, dryness and even skin cancer. These affects makes it essential to install solar films.

Prevent Fading of Luxe Interiors: When luxe furnishings such as draperies, curtains, carpets, furniture, upholsteries, etc. are kept exposed to scorching sun rays for long time, they loses their sheen and shine. But, by installing our solar window films, the blistering sun glare can be blocked up to 97% and furnishings can be protected from fading.

Privacy Matters: Another benefit of installing window films is that it maintains privacy. By installing solar films on the windows, one can maintain the much required privacy. As, these films don’t allow an outsider to peep inside without obstructing the outside view.