Safety Films : Promises utmost safety of your valuables

Safety Films : Promises utmost safety of your valuables

Have you ever heard that last night a burglar broke in your neighborhood, he got into the house by smashing through the windows and stole expensive items within few minutes? We are certain that you would have surely come across such incidents happening around. If not then let us tell you that usually thieves and burglars smash through the windows and steal valuables. To help you protect your family and valuables from the threat of “smash-and-grab”, we Window-Cool has put forth a wide range of LLumar Magnum safety and security films that are just perfect to foil destructive efforts.

What is Unique about Security and Safety Films?

When security films are applied to the window surface, they keep the glass fragments together even after multiple impacts as they have super aggressive patented adhesive that creates a molecular bond and keep the glass in the frame. The elasticity of film in combination with the tensile strength and resistant against shear drastically decreases the chances of any object piercing through the film or glass. It ultimately results in enhanced safety and security. Further, the degree of safety can vary in accordance with the type of film selected for a particular job and also as per the kind of frame and glass chosen.

Advantages of Applying Security and Safety Films:

Installation of safety and security films play a major role in safeguarding the house and offices from the several unseen problems. It is the perfect way to ensure protection against smash and grab thieves.

Moreover, these films guard against the harm that comes along with the sudden breakage of glass. In case of sudden accident, glass breaks and flying shards get scattered on the floor becoming cause of a fatal injury. But with the installation of safety films, splinters remain stick on the film and don’t get scattered on the floor.

These films are also beneficial for commercial applications as they work as a shield for shopkeepers against the burglars and thieves who sneak into the shops by breaking glass and steal the valuable items. They form a firm invisible shield that keeps the splinters of glass together and results in delay for thieves.

This way, installation of safety and security films has become mandatory in the era of sudden accidents. We, at Window-Cool are engaged in offering premium safety and security films along with their installation services in Singapore.