How Useful and Benefits of Solar Film

How Useful and Benefits of Solar Film

We have frequently been asked this question. Mostly used in homes and commercial businesses in Singapore, these films serve a wide variety of useful purposes and are available in various tints and thickness which greatly reduces the risk of glass breakage and save that costly repair bill. Besides being installed with your safety in mind, they are efficiently helpful in reducing harmful UV rays that can result in skin diseases and are also tested to resist impacts from bullets and other tragical unforeseen circumstances. As the saying goes: It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it! Also, other benefits such as privacy, prevention of interior wear to promote resale value and improvement in fuel economy will be beneficial for the discerning driver. Offering films with better stability and highest performance capabilities, coupled with a team of well trained professionals, we are the first word in providing maximum standards of workmanship in our area of expertise. The properly installed solar films for automobiles have warranted lives with long lasting resistance quality. The warranties that we offer are advantageous to you as we cover the removal cost, replacement cost and at the same time, the cost of re-installation. Apart from offering the best automotive window tint, we also specialize in providing commercial and residential window films, decorative films, anti-graffiti films and many more which come with non-stick coating technology and high performance quality. Moreover, the installation of the solar films enhances the functionality, look and comfort of your home and car windows, making them a great pleasure to dwell in!

Protect Yourself with The Best in The Solar Film Industry

Unbearable weather conditions getting to you? Fret no more and relieve yourself of the frustration of the unbearable heat by installing LLumar Window Film and enjoy the instant benefits of your investment by basking in the newfound comfort of your home and vehichle! Established in 1999, Window-Cool has now progressed to become a leading supplier and installer in the Solar Film industry in Singapore. Besides being a pioneer in developing various solar film for residential, commercial and automotives, Window-Cool provides a variety of window tints with the best quality and long lasting performance.

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