Solar Films An Effective Way to Guard against Hazardous Effects of the Sun Glare

Solar Films An Effective Way to Guard against Hazardous Effects of the Sun Glare

Solar Films An Effective Way to Guard against Hazardous Effects of the Sun Glare

Certainly, each one of us knows the harmful effects of sun glare and knows how difficult it becomes to sit or relax inside a car or a room which has been turned into an oven by the sweltering sun rays. Hereby, installing solar films on the windows and doors are considered as a good investment which plays a significant role in protecting against the harsh effects of the sun. To help people guard against sun glare, we Window Cool are engaged in offering finest quality solar films that effectively blocks 85% to 90% of the sun rays.

Window-Cool is one of the reliable companies which have set a benchmark in window film industry by supplying finest quality range of window films that comprises solar films, window tints, decorative films and many more. We offer LLumar technology based solar films in Singapore which is one of the widely renowned brands since 1950 for manufacturing top quality solar films.

Our solar films are especially designed for commercial & residential purposes and are available at highly affordable prices. Along with this, we offer outstanding window installation services with additional benefit of warranty that includes cost of installation, removal and reinstallation. We have a team of professionals who are well-trained and hold expertise in solar film installation. They serve highest standard of workmanship with great reliability and honesty.

Advantages of Installing Solar Films:

Reduce Sun Heat and Glare: Direct exposure to sun rays cause eye strain, fatigue and other problems. Our LLumar solar film is a retrofit product that is installed on inner side of the window and helps obstructing up to 80% of intense glare from entering into your home or office ambience. It efficiently works in reducing the skin damaging effects of UV rays by restricting its entrance.

Protect Luxury Interiors From Fading: Our professionally installed window films are highly beneficial in protecting your expensive interiors from fading such as draperies, carpet, and furniture. As they effectively block the sun rays from entering into the room that fades the colors and ruins the texture of furnishings.

Ensure Privacy: Another advantage of installing our solar films is that they enhance the privacy level of your home. These films prevent an outsider to peep into the room without obstructing the outside view for the people sitting inside.

Add Beautiful Appearance: Installing window film is an ideal way to add charm to your home decor. We offer our solar films in a wide range of colors, patterns and stylish designs which ensures to give a complete new look to your sweet home.