Reflective Films Series

Reflective Films has the Most Highest Heat Reduction Solar Film

Reflective Solar Films Series
Most effective and highest heat reduction for solar control

With LLumar reflective window film you’ll achieve a more cooler and comfortable environment in your premises. It has high-end level solar heat performance for super hot weather and glare problem.

Choose reflective solar film series, It is designed to create a solution for reducing heat and minimizing glare coming in from your window. It has a metallic coating component that bounces back the sun’s heat; added protection from harmful UV rays and provides maximum privacy at day time. Available in a wide range of shades and heat reduction intensity level. Recommended application for architectural and commercial buildings.

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Film Type and Window Film Viewer

  •  LLumar RN07G SR CDF (One-Way Mirror)


  •  LLumar R50 SR CDF (Silver)


  • LLumar R35 SR CDF (Silver)



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