Safety Window Film: Even In the Best of Neighbors Your Storefront needs it!

Safety Window Film: Even In the Best of Neighbors Your Storefront needs it!

It’s no secret that homes, stores and offices get robbed. In US alone, there were nearly 10,000 robberies and 36,000 thefts in 2013. However, the good news is that the numbers felt down from what they were in 2011.

Breaking through the unprotected windowpanes is the quickest and easiest way for burglars to get access into the building and steal valuables within a blink of eye. Keeping in mind, the majority of these mishappenings occur at night, when no one is in the building. It’s wise to add an extra safety measure to your building and keep your valuables safe & secure. In addition to high tech alarm systems, locks and cameras, storeowners should apply safety window films on their windowpanes.

When it comes to protect your valuables, safety window films come at the top. It offers great peace of mind as it would take more time for burglars to break through the glass & gain quick access into the building. Moreover, application of safety window film is quite an easy job & takes less than a day to install and is far more reasonably priced than full window replacement.

Safety Window Film: Right choice for Smash & Grab Act of Thieves

The classic burglary method of thieves is to smash the glass, so they can get in and out with as much as valuables, they can carry. As, glass is an easy target, when it is left unprotected, it can easily shattered allowing them to get quick access. But, when the glass is properly coated with safety window films, it can withstand impressive beating before shattering. And, those usual smash and grab methods don’t really work on it. Moreover, it deters burglars from further attempts of breaking the glass, as he is vulnerable of being caught. That’s great news for everyone except the burglars.

Get Superior Quality Safety Window Films at Discounted Price

We here at Window-Cool are dedicatedly engaged in offering a broad range of safety window films at discounted price. Our LLumar safety window films are exclusively made up of heavy-duty polyester film bonded with strong adhesive that provide a clear and invisible – yet powerful barrier that holds shattered glass in its place even after multiple attempts.

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