Solutions to Improve Comfort and Safety for Businesses

Solutions to Improve Comfort and Safety for Businesses

LLumar Building Window Films Singapore

Mount Our Top-Rated Window Films to Prevent Sun Damage & Impact Protection

Windows are the important part of a home or office, from the natural light they let in to the beautiful outside views they reveal. However, they also create a host of problems ranging from intense sun glare, heat build-up to high energy costs. Moreover, untreated window panes allow the entrance of hazardous ultra-violet (UVA & UVB) rays that adversely affect the skin and can cause sunburn, rashes, dryness, skin aging, skin cancer and many other skin problems. Not only this, intense sun glare possess the power of cracking, fading and discoloration thereby reduce the life of luxe furnishing and fabrics.

To overcome this, we here at Window-Cool provide comprehensive solution without replacing the existing windows. We are dedicate engaged in offering an elite range of  solar window films for both residential and commercial purposes. Our offered solar window films are engineered with advanced LLumar technology to obstruct the entrance of blazing sun rays. With LLumar window films installed on your  office, you can maintain a cool & comfortable ambience, reduce interior fading of luxe furnishing & fabrics and save significantly on rising energy costs.

Building Solar Window Film Singapore

Goodbye, Heat and Glare. Sick of feeling as if you’re getting toasted inside your own office room if you don’t blast the air conditioning? LLumar Building Solar Film is a retrofit product installed directly to the interior side of the glass to correct temperature imbalances between sunny and shady areas, deflect uncomfortable glare and block 99% of harmful UV rays.


Building Safety Window Film Singapore

Guard Against the Unexpected. No matter how careful a person can be, unforeseen dangers happen. The heavy-duty polyester of LLumar Building Security Film strengthens your glass to delay forced entry and holds glass pieces together to prevent injury from broken glass shards. You may not always predict accidents and disasters, but you can prepare for them.


Know Why LLumar Window Film Is Right Choice for You:

1). Reduce Intense Sun Heat & Glare: Prolonged exposure to the intense sun glare can cause eye fatigue, strain and various other problems. Installation of our LLumar solar window films can block intense sun glare up to 97% and offer soothing and comfortable ambiance.

2). Add Beautiful Appearance: Our LLumar solar window films come in various colors, designs and patterns that not only excel in blocking blazing sun rays but also enhance the grace of the interiors sophisticated.

3). Shield Against Ultra-Violet (UVA & UVB) rays: By blocking ultra-violet rays up to 99%, solar window films provide complete protection from the hazardous affects UVA & UVB rays.

4). Highly Durable & Scratch Resistant: Our offered window films are highly durable, scratch resistant & can be easily customized on any plain window glass. Also, our window films can be easily cleaned using conventional window-cleaning methods.

5). Optical Clarity: Our LLumar window films are exclusively made up of strong polyester film with excellent anti-glare property. Also, it offers complete one-way vision clarity in bright conditions without yellowing or shadowing of the glass.

6). Glass Protection: Protect the people and property.

Wish to enhance the comfort of your office windows? or want to add visual appeal to your ambience? Install window films, today. Since our inception, we Window-Cool offer outstanding window films and installation services with great professionalism and excellent workmanship.