It’s Too Hot!! Let Our Solar Films Handle It

It’s Too Hot!! Let Our Solar Films Handle It

It’s Too Hot!! Let Our Solar Films Handle It

After a stressful, hectic and exhausting day at work, home is the ultimate place where we all want to be at, to ease all the distresses and enjoy the comforts. Now, imagine the moment, when you come back from a real tiring and grueling day at work only to realize that your home has become as hot as a roaster!!! We can understand how frustrating it can be. You get draperies, heavy curtains to shield your most comforting place from the blistering effect of sun glare. Result you get, these furnishings do nothing but put pressure on you for extra care and maintenance. Now, when you have tried all the possible means for protecting your home from the harmful effects of sun glare and got disappointing results, we welcome you at our store Window Cool.

At our store, we bring forth a broad collection of quality-assured solar films that provide utmost protection from the perilous sun rays and keep the ambience cool and comfortable. Our solar films are manufactured using LLumar technology and promise to guard your room or vehicle from turning into a hot oven. We are also engaged in offering window film installation services in Singapore with finest-grade adhesives at the most reasonable prices.

Benefits of Installing Solar Films:

Shield against Harmful UV Rays: One of the key advantages of installing solar films is the efficiency to shield against perilous UV rays. It efficiently rejects ultraviolet (UV) rays up to 99%.

Prevent Fading of Luxe Interiors: When luxe interiors such as carpets, curtains, draperies, upholsteries, furniture, etc. are kept exposed to the glaring sun rays for a long time, they lose their shine and sheen. But, with installation of our solar window films can prevent fading of luxe interiors by blocking sun rays up to 97%.

Privacy Matters: These films also maintain utmost privacy of a room. By installing our solar films on windows, one can keep prying eyes at bay as it blocks view from outside.

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