Install Safety Films for Utmost Protection of Your Home and Automobiles

Install Safety Films for Utmost Protection of Your Home and Automobiles

First and Foremost concern for all of us is the utmost security of our home. And, we search for the most efficient means of protection to keep our home safe from the perpetrator and sudden mishappenings like vandalism or natural calamities. To help you get relieved on the safety and security front of your home, we Window Cool, one of the prestigious firms of Singapore have put forth a wide array of LLumar Magnum safety and security films.

Why Our Safety Films Are Considered Exceptional Safety Means?

Our security films have super aggressive adhesive that form a molecular bond, when applied on window and keep the glass fragments together despite after multiple impacts. The tensile strength, resistant against shear and elasticity of film lower the chances of any object piercing through the film or glass to prevent the smash and grab act. This increases the safety and security of personal as well as commercial spaces. In addition, these films protects against the damage that comes along with the abrupt breakage of glass. In sudden accidents, glass shards go flying in the air and become the cause of fatal injury.The installation of safety films ensures to keep the splinters stick together and prevent further accidents.

Benefits of Installing Our Safety Films:

Protection from Sudden Catastrophe

Window panes are most vulnerable part of your home, working place, or an automobile that can easily be damaged. But, with installation of our safety films, glass panes act as a barrier against smash and grab act of thieves, attempted break-ins, vandalism, bomb blast or violent weather conditions such as tornadoes, cyclones and earthquakes.

Reduce the Heating Effects of Glaring Sun

Along with ensuring protection, our safety films effectively reduce the heating effects of blistering sun rays that turn the rooms and vehicles into an oven. These films block UV rays up to 99% and offer soothing and comfortable ambience. Also, they protect the luxuries of a home from fading that is often caused by prolonged exposure to sun rays.

Window Cool: A Reliable Store for Premium Quality Safety Films

Our company, Window Cool offers a wide range of films in variant patterns and sizes. Our superior quality films are manufactured using advanced techniques that not only promises utmost protection but also provide a complete new look to your house or working place. We are the certified supplier of the top-notch brand LLumar, USA. In addition, we provide warranty on our all installed safety films which includes reinstallation, removal and installation costs.