Top 3 Window Privacy Options for Singapore Homes

Top 3 Window Privacy Options for Singapore Homes

Whether one’s home is at ground level or the topmost one, nobody enjoys the feeling of being watched by their neighbor or by outsiders passing by their window or glass, regardless if it’s by accident or on purpose.

And so here are the top solutions that are not only effective in granting much-needed privacy but are also budget-friendly and do not require major changes or renovations to your home.

1. One-Way Mirror Window Film

One Way Mirror Window Film Singapore

Wouldn’t you just love to enjoy the outside view of your garden or of the bustling city without letting people from the outside see into your room? The one-way mirror reflective solar film works exactly that way for daytime privacy just like the police interrogation rooms you see in movies! Plus it’s very effective in keeping your room cool from the hot sun permeating through your glass by rejecting up to 84% of total solar energy and 99% of harmful UV rays.

2. Frosted Privacy Window Film

Frosted Privacy Window Film Singapore

For both daytime and nighttime privacy, frosted films are a top choice especially for areas like corridors and walkways where there are constant movements, or bathrooms, toilets and service yards where the view to the outside isn’t really needed. They still let in sunlight, thus keeping your room bright but block the view to the room even when your lights are on. | Frosted Privacy Film Photo Gallery

Strip-cutting of frosted film can be done so you can still have a small area for a quick glimpse of the outside.

3. Window Curtains & Window Blinds

Curtains & Window Blinds Singapore

There’s still no beating the feeling of security and privacy from having your heavy curtains drawn fully closed or pulling your blinds all the way down, and perhaps that’s why almost every home has curtains and blinds installed.But did you know you can opt for styles like the venetian type where you can tilt them in a way where the view from the outside is hindered but you still get light to come in and you can still have a peek from the inside?

One-Way Mirror Film (Day Privacy) + Curtains or Blinds (Night Privacy)

Why not do both when you need the exterior view during daytime but not particularly at night since it’s just dark outside?

This sure-fire combination is currently a growing trend for Singapore HDB and condominium units, as well as landed properties. Now that’s guaranteed privacy for relaxation time after work or during playtime with the kids 24/7!

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