Solar Window Film for Homes

Solar Window Films for Home

Keep your home cool, comfortable, and protected from the sun’s harmful rays

Refresh Your Space.
Home Window Solution


Introduces an innovative approach to transform your home environment effortlessly. With the simple application of solar film, you can revitalize your living spaces, bringing in a breath of fresh air and modernity.

Solar film offers a versatile solution that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also provides practical benefits. Whether you’re looking to add privacy, control glare, reduce energy costs, or protect your furniture and artwork from harmful UV rays, solar film delivers on multiple fronts.

Experience the beauty of natural light filtering through your windows while maintaining comfort and privacy. Our range of solar film options allows you to customize your space according to your preferences and needs, whether you prefer a subtle tint or a decorative pattern.

Say goodbye to outdated window treatments and welcome the future of home enhancement with our comprehensive window film solutions. 

Join countless homeowners who have already embraced the transformative power of window film. Refresh your space today and discover a new level of comfort, style, and functionality with our Home Window Solution.

Types of Solar Film for Home Windows


We offer a wide range selection of high-quality premium solar films for homes

Reflective Film

Reflective Window Tint Film

Reflective films feature reflectance on both  interiors & exteriors for superior reduction in summer cooling costs. Providing high level of glare and heat control. This type of solar film is also meant for privacy.

Night Vision Film

Night Vision Warm Grey Window Tint Film

Night Vision Or dual reflective film are reflective on the exterior less reflective on the interior, which helps provide clear day & night views. Most popular for home / residential installations in warmer.

Deluxe Film

Deluxe Window Tint Film

The most premium range of window tints, guarantee an unparalleled level of solar control without a shiny, mirror-like surface. 

Neutral Film

Neutral Window Tint Film

Reduce glare, provide good heat rejection and are specified where a soft neutral appearance in desired.

Specialty / Clear Film

Clear Window Tint Film

Provide a virtually invisible appearance. These films are the top choices for exclusive retail & prime commercial as well as residential/home applications.

Non-Reflective Film

Non-Reflective Window Tint Film

This series offers a flat yet sophisticated and non-reflective shading without giving window glass a metallic quality. 

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Solar Control & Privacy Films


Popular Model for our Region

LLumar solar control architectural films are designed for home and commercial applications where damaging ultraviolet light, heat, and glare are problems, energy efficiency is important, or a new look is desired.

Night Vision DRN Series

Bronze Series

Deluxe Series

Reflective Series

One-Way Mirror

Solar-Safety Frosted Privacy

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