Professional Window Tinting & Blinds Services

Professional Window Tinting & Blinds Services

Professional Window Tinting & Blinds Services

(1). Roller Blinds – We installed black out and perforated blinds for all windows in our home. The blinds came well wrapped and protected, and were securely installed. We were pleased that Window-Cool team kept the blinds clean while installing the rollers and thus the finished products were kept very clean with no dust from the installation process. Blinds were of good quality and the ends were well finished. The roller came with built-in spring mechanism which made the rolling of blinds very light and smooth. Upon installation, we found the blinds too close to the window as it struck the window handles when lowering and raising but Window-Cool quickly rectified the issue without any additional costs.

(2). Solar Films – Kengy recommended the more common products used for residential projects and explained the differences in terms of heat reflection and light transmission. We chose the one way mirror for our bedrooms and service yard where we wanted more privacy and heat reduction. We chose the warm grey film for the study and living room which allowed more light transmission for a brighter space. We could feel a noticeable drop in heat within the house immediately after installation. The films were neatly installed with no air bubbles or scratches. Albeit darker now, the view outside is still crystal clear.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the products and service rendered by Window-Cool. We highly recommend this to other property owners.

Thank you very much for the job well done!

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