Our Testimonials

Professionally Installed Window Film and Blinds
(1). Roller Blinds - We installed black out and perforated blinds for all windows in our home. The blinds came well wrapped and protected, and were securely installed. We were pleased that Window-Cool team kept the blinds clean while installing the rollers and thus the finished products were kept very clean with no dust from the installation process. Blinds were of good quality and the ends were well finished. The roller came with built-in spring mechanism which made the rolling of blinds very light and smooth. Upon installation, we found the blinds too close to the window as it struck the window handles when lowering and raising but Window-Cool quickly rectified the issue without any additional costs. (2). Solar Films - Kengy recommended the more common products used for residential projects and explained the differences in terms of heat reflection and light transmission. We chose the one way mirror for our bedrooms and service yard where we wanted more privacy and heat reduction. We chose the warm grey film for the study and living room which allowed more light transmission for a brighter space. We could feel a noticeable drop in heat within the house immediately after installation. The films were neatly installed with no air bubbles or scratches. Albeit darker now, the view outside is still crystal clear. Overall, we are very satisfied with the products and service rendered by Window-Cool. We highly recommend this to other property owners. Thank you very much for the job well done!  - via Email | Products: Solar Film and Roller Blinds
Installed Privacy Frosted Film – Window Tinting Service
“Had some replacement work that I needed to be done of film that was applied by another supplier years ago so it was a relatively small job consisting of a few panes. Window-Cool was professional nevertheless throughout the whole process for which I was very grateful and impressed. Will certainly look for them again. - Mr. Melvin Leong / April 2017 | Product : Privacy Frosted Film - via Facebook
Great Products & Excellent Service
“Excellent service! Very prompt and comprehensive in quotation. Installers were efficient and professional. Very much appreciative of the cooler indoor temperature now! | Product: Solar Film”
Morning Sun Heat and Afternoon Sun Heat Solar Film
“Been having problem with morning/afternoon heat due to large bay windows. The problem is gone after installation of the solar film. Rooms are cooler. Professionally installed and good quality and value for money. - Ms. Audrey / May 2017 | Product: Solar Film - via Email

Expert Window Blinds and Window Film Services
“Your installers are polite, helpful, efficient and friendly. Andy is very approachable, understanding and communicate well with customer and able to compromise when the situation arise. The only flaw is that one of the roller blind length measured was too long and has to be altered for next installation. Overall, your service is excellent. - Mr. Neo / May 2017 || Product: Window Film & Blinds - via Email”
Good Sales Service and Technical Team
“I was very very pleased with the service and product from initial request to workmanship and quality to fill I shed installation | Product: Frosted Privacy Film - via SMS”
Professional Window Treatment Services
“Honest and reliable sales staff. Mr. Kengy Chan is very prompt with his reply knows his product very well and gives good advice and suggestions | Product: Roller Blinds - via SMS”
Good Sales Service and Technical Team
“window-cool was very responsive with a professional sales representative conducting a comprehensive site inspection and providing a detailed quote in timely manner. Installation crew arrived at the designated time and worked efficiently to complete the installation smoothly. We immediately noticed the difference with our lounge room is now protected from the bright afternoon sunlight and heat. Thanks windows-cool! (Via Email)”
Good Sales Service and Technical Team
“Type of Product Installed: Privacy Film | Room/Area: Windows facing main corridor. - Staffs were very professional and efficient, from the time I sent an enquiry via email to the completion of the privacy film being put up. We requested for a 3/4 height privacy film vs daylight film and Ms Cristel was very patient in explaining the difference between the 2 different films and which was more suitable to cater to our needs. Thank you! (Via Email)”
Professional Window Tinting
“Dear Cristel, I installed solar film in 4 rooms of my new condominium. I found your workers to be competent and the job was completed in a very professional manner. Many thanks to Window-Cool ! - Regards, Ravee. | Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone  (Via Email)  ”
Great Products & Excellent Service
“Dear Window-Cool Team, We are extremely happy  with the Llumar Solar Control  films, roller & venetian blinds.  The Llumar Solar Control films significantly reduced the heat buildup and glare in our home. Now our home have  different look and feel… its cooler and more comfortable despite the extreme heat of the afternoon sun.  Aside from the great products…Service is EXCELLENT!!!  From the front desk (Cristel & Cel), the Excellent Sales Executive (Kengy) and the efficient, thorough and friendly installation team (I’m sorry I don’t have their names).  Thank you very much team, you guys are Excellent! Continue to do what you do best…wishing you all the best.  Great Products & Excellent Service!!! (Via Email) Thanks”
Yes to Cooling… Heat Control Window Film…
“Thank you. Your Team was punctual, professional and very efficient. We are grateful to have installed the solar film as the house is definitely cooler much needed with a new baby with us and longer hours at home. (Via SMS)”
Great Product and Services – Window Tinting For Home
“Hi Window-Cool Team. I shall feedback here (1). Delivery was prompt and punctual, (2). Installation service was quick and fuss free yet of good quality and excellent standard, (3). Workers are highly proficient and friendly and will resolve any ad hoc problems, (4). Ultimately, product was value of money for the package paid, (5). Will recommend to other friends if they need such films for their needs. - Mr. Ryan / June 2016 || Product: Window Film - Via SMS”
Professional Window Tinting
“I am really pleased with the professional job Window-Cool have done and will look to get some other windows done in the following months (Via SMS)”
Good Sales Service and Technical Team
“Excellent service from sales (Kengy) to installation (3 man team). Thank you for a good job done:)”
Privacy Film For Bathroom Windows
“We recently moved to a new condo and wanted privacy film on our bathroom windows. It was easy to choose Window-Cool as we had used them before, and had been very impressed at the quality of the film and the neat, professional finish. - Melanie Halliday / May 2016
Sun Protection & Heat Reduction Window Film
“Good afternoon to all @ Window-Cool. Since i had my windows tinted on the 31st March i can feel that the heat from the solar energy has been reduced and the rooms are considerably cooler. Your 2 installation personnel were very efficient & professional. I am also grateful to Mr. Kengy for his professional & speedy service in executing my order. Many thanks.”
Highly Recommended Window Film Services in Singapore
“Very good service. Extremely satisfied. Highly recommended!”
Good Sales Service and Technical Team
“My first experience with Window Cool and it was an absolute experience. Good sales service and good technical team. Thanks a lot”
Great Product !, The Heat Rejection is High
“Service is great, had a onsite discussion and type of film to be used before applying. Immediate check on the light emission to comply LTA regulation Of course the product is great!! Aircon work much lesser now. The heat rejection is high and last but not least product is genuine. Thank you LLumur and team.”
Indoor & Outdoor Window Treatment Shades Solutions
“Hi Andy and team, We just want to feedback that we are very happy with the performance of the UV window cool films indoors and outdoors, as well as the outdoor blinds, which were all installed on 11 April. There is a huge noticeable temperature difference with the UV films in place, which is exactly what we wanted. We were concerned about potential peeling of the outdoor UV films due to heavy rain, but that has not happened so far (and we did have some heavy rainstorms last week), so your team did a good job. Thank you for that.”
Good Service – Review Window Tinting Service
Expert in Installing Window Films
“Unmatched services, I must say! They are expert in installing window films. I will recommend my friends too.”
Car Window Tinting Premium Prices
“Premium tint at "premium" prices. This place appears to be the only authorized Llumar dealer in Singapore. If you're familiar with Llumar window film, you know there's a long warranty, and the film does a lot of UV and heat rejection without cracking or turning purple in a couple of years. It helps that the ceramic tint prevents interference with your radio, GPS and other gadgets in your vehicle. They did a great job with the install, done quickly and professionally in an afternoon. They're also open on Saturdays, however you have to make an appointment beforehand as they do mostly 90% residential window tint installs and 10% vehicle tint. Catch beemers, Jaguars and the occasional Ferrari parked in their lot when they do. However they're rather pricey (cost in the range of high hundreds) compared to other places that do cheaper tint, but I guess you get what you pay for. 3% extra if you choose to pay via credit card. They're located rather far from the city in the Serangoon North area, in an industrial building filled with auto detailing stores. Don't settle for less when you tint your ride. Mere change when you compare it to the cost of the COE.”
Recommended Window Film Service in Singapore
“I was very impressed by their services the first time I called to enquire on the pricing. The salesperson, Mr Kengy immediately called me for an appointment and were very professional in giving me lots of advices. As my reno require them to come and install on 2 separate days, they came promptly and delivered as promised. Price were very reasonable and I'm very satisfied with the end product. I'll definitely recommend them to my friends when they need to install any solar film at their new home. - via Facebook | Product: Solar Film
Great Work
“I have been using Llumar solar control film for a number of years now. The team, especially Andy has been most accommodating and supportive and offered good and practical suggestions to suit my needs. I can count on them to deliver the solution I want. Great work!
Get Rid of the Glare
“Thank you for making enquiries regarding after sales service. I am Mrs Theresa lee, had your company installed window film through Andy Foo about one and half months ago. I had my balcony and study room laminated with Neutral (scratch resistant) WCXAN20NSRPS and I am satisfied with the results. My  purpose of installing the film was to get rid of the glare and it did just that. Thank you. Best Regards.  ”
Customized Graphic Design
“Thank you for the nicely done frosted glass panels and the main door”
High Performance Solar Film For Home  (Hot Afternoon Sun)
“Been using LLumar Window films for a quite some time. The quality of solar film is very high. Service and support from Window Cool have always been very Professional. They help to reduce the amount heat of my living room even under hot afternoon sun.”
Fantastic Window Film Experience –  Window Tinting Service
“Fantastic experience. Outstanding job done by your company. Thank you for the services. You folks know your job and your men did an outstanding job. Thanks. - Mr. Vaman Sriraman / August 2015 || Product : Solar Film - via sms”
Solar Film For HDB Windows
“Decided to install solar window film as the morning sun is really very glaring. Living on the last floor, the heat in the house is also unbearable. After installing the best grade mirror type of solar film recommended by the salesperson, the whole house is much cooler as compared to before, but of course because of the mirror effect, the house is also not as bright as it reduce the glare and sunlight into the house. Service of the guys who installed the film as well as the salesperson are good! Thumbs up for LLumar Solar film! - Ms. Hazel / August 2015
Excellent Work in Window Tinting
“I am writing this letter to personally thank you for your excellent work you have accomplished for my project. You were able to overcome difficult site conditions and a tight timeline to finish the job within budget and schedule as promised. Having worked with many suppliers and contractors in my development work, your results-oriented attitude is very much needed in our industry and I would not hesitate to recommend you for more work in future. Wishing you the very best and hoping this testimonial will help you in winning more work in future. Sincerely”
Excellent Service in Blinds Installation
“Thank you very much for the excellence services. First of all you have attended to my call very promptly. Following which you have sent two very competent and friendly service personnel to solve my problem yesterday. Their arrival time was punctual and their work procedures were carried out very skillfully and cheerfully. I am very pleased to meet with Allen again. He was the person that Window-Cool assigned to restring all my old venetian blinds on 02/02/2005 requested by Michael Yam (my nephew) of MY ACE TRADING. Once again, many thanks to you Ms Ruby and also to both Allen and his colleague (sorry I don’t know his name) for a job well done. Have a nice day. Best regards.”
Blocks the Glare & Increase Comfort
“My special thanks to you and your team for the wonderful job your co- worker had done for my unit. Both Jason and Ah Leong has done an excellent job in the film installation and had given us good advice on how to maintain the windows. We are also delighted that your company had given the extra miles and effort sending Jason and Ah Leong to my place on the Sat morning to repair the whole film which has a defect on the surface. Well done, coworker! I can’t express how much I appreciate both their efforts. It’s great for your company to have a good worker commitment With the sun shade film installed it blocks the glare from my master bedroom as it faces west sun and had improved the overall comfort. We will certainly send any future reference to any of my relatives and friends who need to install the solar film. Thanks for a great job. Best Regards”
Tinting My Front Windscreen
“Hi Guys, Thank you for having the film done. I really appreciate the kind gesture and excellent service. As we have discussed, I have seen the film being installed on the rear window of the classic VW bug, all in one piece. The rear window seem to be a problem for this type of glass contour. I am hoping that Window-Cool can do this too as many of my customers wanted this feature. I would certainly prefer this arrangement of Window-Cool having the business. Once again, thank you guys, Bernard, Andy…not forgetting Maricel and the gentleman who did my windshield Ahsoon and also the uncle who entertained us with his BMC Mini stories and experiences. Home of the best air-cooled Volkswagens!”